On the Issues

Stronger Communities

The Northeast is home to established and new communities.  Aaron will ensure that our communities get the services we deserve from the city. We need more parks, more schools and more businesses so our families can socialize and play in the Northeast. We need more recreational centres and programming for families so that they don’t have to commute to other parts of the city to have fun. We also need better transit that connects our neighbourhoods to the downtown but also to destinations within the Northeast.

With the Northeast in such need of services, what have we gotten instead? City council just cut six bus routes and LRT service to the Northeast.

The Northeast deserves better.


Aaron will make sure the Northeast sees its fair share of municipal services and funding. We pay the same amount of taxes as every other Edmontonian, but we are watching our tax dollars go to neighbourhoods in the downtown and in south Edmonton.  A thriving downtown is important, but we can’t neglect other neighbourhoods. Northeast tax dollars should support Northeast neighbourhoods. Aaron will make sure our tax dollars our invested in our communities while remaining fiscally responsible to citizens.

More jobs close to home

The Northeast is more than just a warehouse for families for the night. We need more jobs close to home. Aaron will work to attract more small businesses to the Northeast so that families have, work, commercial and recreational opportunities in our own community. Aaron will continue the tradition of Councillor Ed Gibbons and work with other municipalities in the Industrial Heartland to attract new industry and new jobs that form the backbone of Edmonton’s economy and employ thousands in the Northeast.

A Stronger Voice for the Northeast

Aaron will be a strong voice for the Northeast.  As an educator, entrepreneur and artist, Aaron has a proven track record of bringing communities together. For too long, residents of the Northeast have been under-served by city council. Aaron will fight for the services that Northeast Edmonton deserves. He will make sure that the Northeast is front and centre in a growing Edmonton.

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